Happy Monday (30th November 2020)

December is ALMOST here! Are you excited? I am, big time. Not just because of Christmas and the prospect of saying bye to 2020, but also because the end of this year is marking a new beginning for me professionally too. We’ll get into it below. Onward, friend! What I’ve been reading – I now have 4 books on the go. I know, this is … Continue reading Happy Monday (30th November 2020)

Happy Monday (2nd November 2020)

Hi there. Welcome to November. NOVEMBER. Seriously, it’s November and I can’t get over how quickly the 2020 is going. I seem to have the same problem every year, but mainly because I make an effort to fill every year with adventures. 2020, less so. Anyway, let’s get into the big five. What I’ve been reading – Babel: Around the world in 20 languages by … Continue reading Happy Monday (2nd November 2020)

Happy Monday (29th June 2020)

The last few days have been scorching hot. Did I ever mention that I moved to the UK for it’s mediocre weather? I really did not sign up for these temperatures! Luckily with the rain and thunder we are now getting back to the normal low 20s (that’s Celsius for my US friends, not Fahrenheit). Anyway…to the point! What I’ve been reading – in English, … Continue reading Happy Monday (29th June 2020)

(Not a) Happy Monday (1st June 2020)

Hi there. My Happy Monday posts usually focus on the good, the interesting and the fun. But today’s one is a little different. Here is the round-up of all the thought-provoking, interesting but also really weird and not great things which have hit my workbench recently. What I am reading – news. And friend, between the US police now shooting at journalists, BAME communities caught … Continue reading (Not a) Happy Monday (1st June 2020)

Happy Monday (24th February 2020)

Uh oh! I haven’t done this since November, about time another one showed up! Welcome to the very first Happy Monday in 2020. Let’s get right to it. What I’m reading – ‘Prisoners of Geography’ by Tim Marshall. In fact, I finished it last night and it’s not on my ‘recommend to everyone’ list. The book is well structured, Tim’s view on the topic of … Continue reading Happy Monday (24th February 2020)