3 adult habits I picked up at university

Back to school is slowly happening for the children and is starting to loom on the horizon for the college and university students. This time of coming slowly into fall makes me a little nostalgic for my own university time, so to snap myself out of the nostalgia here are three adult habits which I picked up during university.   Not taking things at face … Continue reading 3 adult habits I picked up at university

Happy Monday Rant (5th August 2019)

I have a little rant for you today, to get started on the week. Occasionally I’ll scroll through Instagram and see something along the lines of ‘aspiring traveller’ posted within the debt free community space. What is an aspiring traveller? Is this person wanting to join a Gypsy or Irish traveller community? I guess not. I’m assuming that it’s a person aspiring to travel, but … Continue reading Happy Monday Rant (5th August 2019)

BIG financial goals for your 30s

am no longer in my 20s and while I am slowly moving through the next decade up, I also have some big goals for that decade. This article will focus on my own goals ‘to do it in your 30s’. I am yet to live through that decade fully and until I live through it, who am I to tell you what’s doable and what’s not? With that in mind, let’s start with the BIG financial goals I am going to attempt hitting. Continue reading BIG financial goals for your 30s

The cost of protein

Sometimes there is more to your grocery basket than meets the eye. Today I will be talking about agriculture and why it sometimes makes sense to review your dietary choices. You might or might not know this, but I’m what mainstream would label ‘flexitarian’. This means that I live on predominately plant-based diet, but occasionally I do eat animal products and animal flesh. I used … Continue reading The cost of protein

Happy Monday (ok, it’s Tuesday…) 9 July 2019

So July is here. Anybody else a bit surprised? I know it comes every year, but gosh. July is here. And I am writing my happy Monday post on a Tuesday…because I’ve been away so much that Monday has turned into a flight day. June has been busy and exciting and full of sunshine and activities and projects, and it has been lovely. Here are … Continue reading Happy Monday (ok, it’s Tuesday…) 9 July 2019