Monthly Book Club: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo

With the recent emergence of Netflix series, this 2011 book is on top of the reading lists again. I first spoke about it back in 2015 (this video) and frankly, my love for it has only grown since. The book, as the title suggests talks about tidying, but not how most of us know it. Instead of telling us how to buy more containers and … Continue reading Monthly Book Club: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo

Five things to do in January

The end of the year is here. And I have zero new Year’s resolutions. Instead, I have five things to do in January, which will hopefully help in keeping me sane, not broke and somewhat organised. The lull period between Christmas and New Year is one of the few days in the year I genuinely dislike. This is because usually it’s cold, I have already … Continue reading Five things to do in January

‘Brexit’ the UK and take your pension pot with you?

United Kingdom is a country where pension enrolment is compulsory. This means that every person over the age of 22 but below state pension age, employed, working within the country and earning above £10,000 per annum has a personal pension pot. A regulation making enrolment into workplace pension compulsory for everybody meeting these criteria took effect in February 2018. I am not leaving the country … Continue reading ‘Brexit’ the UK and take your pension pot with you?

The cost of owning cats

I’m a cat lady. I share my home with a cat-man and our two kittens. The kittens are adorable and spoilt and not cheap. In today’s post I will cover the financial aspect of owning a cat. First things first, obtaining a pet, whether you adopt, buy or rehome, is usually not at £0. If you are looking to adopt, majority of the shelters ask … Continue reading The cost of owning cats

The cringe-worthy cash envelopes

Before I explain what the cash envelopes system is all about, let me say that I don’t actually use cash. Nor envelopes. That little detail has not stopped me from applying the principles governing the cash envelopes method in how my own everyday spending is managed. If you are wondering why this rather obscure sounding approach to paying for stuff has been gaining momentum on … Continue reading The cringe-worthy cash envelopes