Hi. I’m Monika, a mother of dragons two cats, a content creator and an expat settled in the UK, and a digital producer by profession.

I have moved to London in 2005 (for a gap year, and now you should know how old I am!) and fell in love with the city which I now call my home. When I am not working, I spend my time hiking in strange locations, swimming where you’re not supposed to and entertaining two huge cats.

Not counting my family, I have two big loves – my work in the world of digital, and personal finance. This blog is all about that second love of personal finance. Through talking about my own experiences in a transparent way, including the real numbers and opinions, I aim to share financial adventures and misadventures with you so that you can avoid my mistakes and learn from my good fortunes.

Financial literacy is something that appears to still be missing in schools and money remains a taboo around many family tables. This blog might not fill all the gaps, but it will over time give you access to the basic tools needed to understand the economy we live in and to manage your money. And hopefully, it will also spark useful conversations. I don’t have my finances all figured out though, so come on a journey and we can figure them out together.

Why read this blog?

If you ever considered one of the questions below, you might find an answer here:

  • Can I afford to retire?
  • How can I afford buying a house?
  • Where does my money actually go?
  • How does tax work?
  • How do I pay off all my debts?

This blog will aim to answer these complex questions, and many more. You will see a new blog post at least once per week, usually on Tuesday morning. I will disclose actual numbers and provide you with tools that you can use for yourself. And hopefully thanks to the information you will be able to read here you will want to manage your money in a way that it works for you much harder than you worked for it.