Eating my way through Mykonos

Cyclades are a little funny compared to the other Greek islands. They seem similar to most others, but just more expensive. I’ll venture a guess that it might be because of them being both places to see and to be seen. And that duality comes with a price tag.

In this article I’ll focus on Mykonos because unlike for example Santorini, it is truly expensive for both accommodation and food. While with accommodation you know what you are signing up for upfront, the food can be a surprise.

I’ve visited a good number of restaurants during my stay here, both in the Mykonos town and in the ever popular Platis Gialos area where all the important beaches are. I am not calling them all out – only the ones providing nice food for a reasonable price will be named, alongside a couple to watch out for or avoid altogether.

Mykonos town

You might be tempted to pick one of the restaurants right on the seafront and that’s fine, go to Captain’s. Tasty, mid-priced and with the view over the harbour. Avoid the others though as they are mostly more expensive and the food quality is so so.

The next restaurant worth mentioning in town is Kastro’s but beware – you’re paying for an instagrammable view and it’s a hefty price. The food is pretty but not particularly tasty so unless you’re sat on the balcony outside and getting your Insta photoshoot, don’t bother. We did have a nice surprise at this restaurant – while having my birthday lunch there, we saw a sea turtle just bobbing in the sea below us. Did it make up for the EU70 bill for a lunch made of 3 starters and a glass of wine? Questionable.

Beer at Captain’s – the restaurant has a view of the bay

If you are willing to step away from the main seafront view, Caesar’s is another pleasant choice with mid-range prices. It’s probably worth pointing out that I do live in London and what I consider mid-range might not be the same as what you consider mid-range. For clarity, under EUR10 per person is affordable, under EUR15-20 per person is mid range and above EUR20 is a little on the expensive side. Above EUR40 per person is expensive, unless we’re talking about premium foods such as lobster and langoustine which are just hard to get under EUR70-80.

If you don’t mind walking, take yourself up to the Local for lovely souvlaki (most options under EUR3) or a greek salad (EUR 8.50). Their Salad Local (EUR9.50) and cheese croquettes (EUR 6.70) are also a good option. the ambience is good and the staff are friendly too.

Kastro’s – 3 starters and a glass of wine for EUR65

If you are in Local’s neighbourhood, do avoid Oregano. The ambience is nice, but the food is extremely salty (yes, even more than other places) and the flavours are average.

Platis Gialos

Welcome to the influencer paradise. And the beaches. If you’re in Mykonos for the sun and sea, which most people are, you’re in the right place. In my opinion Psarou is the best beach for swimming and ambience, but whether you go to Super Paradise, Paradise (yes, these are their names), Platis Gialos, Scorpios or Paragka, they’re all beautiful. They’re also all covered by pay-per-use loungers which cost anywhere from EUR20 to rest your bum on. If you’re not into that sort of a daily expense, you have 2 options:

1. Pick a hotel which includes these in the price or 2. Bring a towel and chill on the sand away from the areas reserved by clubs/restaurants.

Avli Tou Thodori’s grilled vegetables, fried sardines and anchovies, iced tea and fries

It’s worth pointing out that the loungers are usually a part of the restaurants/clubs setup and some offer credit towards your meal if you use their loungers. An example of this is Avli Tou Thodori, located at the entry into the Platis Gialos beach, and probably one of my favourite mid-to slightly-expensive-but-not-unreasonable priced restaurants in the area. Their seafood ravioli is delish, as is their seafood-anything really. Be wise and avoid their neighbours DK Oyster who are so bad that even the hotel receptionists routinely warn tourists against them this season.

However, their other neighbour Blue Myth is a nice option too – belonging to the Petinos hotels it’s mid-priced and the food standard is nice enough. Their servers are lovely too and the restaurant’s ambience is very pleasant.

If you don’t fancy a seafront restaurant, Nikos Gallop is a great tavern-style location with very fun atmosphere (servers and the owner are a delight and happy to chat/explain the dishes/recommend a solution to whatever problem you have in life) and the food is generally lovely.

Nikos Gallop – greek mezze and grilled squid, house wine

If restaurants scene is not your thing or you are on a very tight budget, there is a saviour in the neighbourhood too. Platis bakery and their twin Platis Souvlaki offer easy meals and coffee for a reasonably inexpensive, if slightly location-inflated prices. A souvlaki is around EUR3.50, a spanakopita is about the same, they also have sandwiches, salads etc. It’s a good option for quick meals too.

And if you’re just here for the day, take my word for it. The beaches are fab and not even the lounger price should out you off from taking a dip.

View of Psarou beach

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