Weekend mini-challenges to help you have a better life

Let’s face it – doing ‘nothing’ over the weekend is tempting and will sometimes make you feel great, but most times it does exactly what’s written on the tin for you…nothing. In this article I am covering a handful of mini-challenges which you can set for yourself to make your weekend work harder for your wellbeing. And all are or can be done without spending a penny.

Get physically active

While I personally dislike the label of ‘exercise’, there is something very soothing about spending a short time on a physical activity. So take 20 minutes and go for a walk around the block, clear out your garden or chase your pet around the living room.

Discover a local park, follow an online yoga tutorial, skip on a skipping rope in front of your home…or whatever else it might be that gets you up and moving. It might not feel great in the moment especially if you haven’t been active in a while, but chosing to move offers a suite of well documented benefits to your body and mind and you might just as well reach for them.

Clean up a messy corner

I have precisely four cupboards around my property which just host random stuff. All of this stuff is generally needed, but the messiness has been annoying me for months now. If you happen to be in the same situation, pick one of these messy corners, set a timer for 20 minutes and…get rid of the mess.

Read up or join a webinar on something you are curious about

Do you ever find yourself suddenly curious about something? Say, you’ve seen an interesting photo on instagram – it’s of a location you have never heard of before. Spend 5 minutes finding out about where that location is, how to get there and what wildlife lives there. Or maybe you don’t care about the location, but really like the picture? Look up a tutorial on how to frame pictures for different effects. Still not your thing? Skip the picture and find one thing which you wish you knew more about. Find an article, a webinar or even a research paper about it. Read it, file the knowledge in your mind and use it next time you get a chance to share it with other people.

Here’s one interesting nugget of my knowledge – I was wondering why Uniqlo slippers (not sponsored) are made differently to most slippers – they all come with a sturdy sole. Turns out, in Japan famous for its earthquakes and tsunamis, it makes sense to have the kind of slippers which will protect your feet if you have to walk over debris in a natural disaster.

Get rid of a small irritant

That one small thing which really gets on your nerves…No, not your children or your life partner or their pets. You love them, remember? More like, that sweater with a tear in it, a collection of random empty jars on the bottom shelf of your pantry, chipped polish on your toenails or a shower seal that looks grimy.

Take 5 or 20 minutes and get done with that one thing that’s been making you quietly annoyed every time you come across it. Fix the sweater, take the jars to a recycling bank, take the nail polish off or treat the shower seal with some bleach.

Do one thing which feels luxurious

What’s the one thing that makes you feel like you have more in life that you think you have, but doesn’t cost much? Is it a hot bath in the afternoon instead of an evening? Eating a sweet treat without having to share? Half an hour with a book without being interrupted? Or maybe putting black tie on for a dinner? Pick one thing which makes you feel like you have it made. Use it to put some distance between you and the ordinary grind, and give yourself the freedom to just enjoy it, whatever the activity is.

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