Happy Monday (22nd February 2021)

The weather is finally letting off a little and we’ve had our first warm, spring-like weekend here in London. And with that change in weather, I’ve also picked up some energy and headspace to start bringing more frequent content onto this blog again. And today is all about the good things from the recent past to get you moving well into a good new week.

What I’ve been reading – I’ve picked up a handful of books recently but will only focus on the one you might have heard about if you, like me, enjoy socialite gossip once in a while. Anna Sorokin, who spent some years coning NYC’s ‘elite’ is now out of prison. Her ex-best-friend, Rachel DeLoache Williams wrote a book about her and Anna’s friendship called ‘My Friend Anna’. I’ve decided to read it. The story being a real one makes it a little hard to judge this book objectively, but it’s basically like reading of the boring, gullible friend’s diary about what she did and saw with her new, glamorous acquaintance. It might be because I am already familiar with the story, but the book is a little flat for a memoir and only really gets going when the police needs to get involved.

Best thing I discovered recently – the easiest way to remove red wine stains is with dish soap mixed with white vinegar. Here’s your life hack, red-wine-at-home enthusiasts: you need a cup or two of warm water, a tablespoon of washing up liquid and another one or two of any white vinegar. Mix well, dab on the wine stain with a paper towel or a cloth (ensure it doesn’t run the colour onto your stained fabric first, microfibre usually works) and watch the red wine splotch disappear.

What’s been on my mind – in short, properties. If you read this blog frequently, you might have read about my recent snafu with the bank. Since then, I have spent some additional time researching and pondering the topic of private ownership and that that ownership means in the UK. And while the British like to say that their home is their castle, the castle is often poorly constructed, leased, owned by the bank, struggling with raising damp or bad plumbing, or grossly overpriced. And what makes the whole landscape worse is that the cities and towns planning teams responsible for building new properties rarely run off a country-wide agenda, rarely have the right expertise to make projects profitable and affordable and often have a bizarre sense of aesthetic.

What I’ve been watching – ‘Singapore social’. I’m enjoying the show, mainly because at a point in life I had a serious desire to move to Singapore, but also because it seems a little less scripted and more relatable than other TV shows of this nature. Think ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ except they’re not quite – the cast is ‘aspiring’, some in fact are already rich and famous but others are not quite. The mix makes the show entertaining and easy to watch.

Quote of the week – ‘You have no authority here, Jackie Weaver’. Said Jackie then proceeded to remove the person who said it out of the online meeting, call order and commence the meeting. Jackie was not intimidated by the bully, she was interested in bickering and she got on with what she came there to do. Whenever somebody tells you that you have no authority in your field, be like Jackie. And if you haven’t seen the Handforth Parish Council’s meeting, here’s the link to the whole thing.

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