Happy Monday (2nd November 2020)

Hi there. Welcome to November. NOVEMBER. Seriously, it’s November and I can’t get over how quickly the 2020 is going. I seem to have the same problem every year, but mainly because I make an effort to fill every year with adventures. 2020, less so. Anyway, let’s get into the big five.

What I’ve been reading – Babel: Around the world in 20 languages by Gaston Dorrent. I’m about 3 languages in and if you happen to be interested in the quirks in how our verbal communication works, this book might be interesting. The author focuses on the key attributes of each language’s build but doesn’t go in too deep, making it a nice, all-rounded read without being past the understanding of a linguistic layman like myself.

Best thing I discovered recently – one plant shop and a shelf tall enough that my cats can’t reach. I have a very deep love for beautiful plants. I also have a very deep love for my two cats, one of whom has a particular tendency to attack all my greenery within her reach. This means that for a pretty long time I was limited to just having small plants out of her reach. But recently I decided to update my flat a little and with the help of the Boyfriend found and built a set of inexpensive Homfa ladder shelves from Amazon. The top two shelves are so high up that I deemed them safe to be taken over by plants I sourced from plnts.com, so far the only online plant store I’d recommend. That shop is my favourite discovery of recent month. And while my first order was just a try, I’ve received my third one today and they’ve been incredibly consistent on quality of what they’ve been sending me. So if you want to green up your space, look them up.

What’s been on my mind – another lockdown. It was not a surprise when BoJo announced it, to be honest I expected it to have come sooner than it did. But what was a surprise to me was the behaviour of some of the businesses, with Ryanair at the forefront of the lot. I get that they’re all about making money, but the airline decided to not refund any flights which are due to happen in November. They are allowing people to move their flights without a fee, but at the same time they have raised their fare prices for coming months. I used to like this airline, but the fatigue is catching up with me and the behaviour is truly offputting. Next time I’ll fly with easyJet instead. Separately, if your country is going into a lockdown too, please remember to act like a responsible human and don’t fight old people at a supermarket over the last pack of loo roll.

What I’ve been watching – mainly, the back of the head of my boyfriend while he plays XBox and my plants growing. Not even kidding, the only remotely interesting thing I’ve seen in terms of entertainment has been Letterman on Netflix (Barak Obama and Kim Kardashian episodes are my faves). After watching Emily in Paris I’ve been a little put off from spending prolonged time in front of the screen and this resulted in my media consumption being reduced to YouTube: a selection of plants, cats, general humour and US elections snippets. I have also been watching the progress of strikes in Poland over social media, because trouble has been brewing for a while and the latest attempt at restriction of women’s rights in the country is causing full-blown calls to overthrow the government. While this is unlikely to happen, I enjoy seeing so many women take to the streets and spell out their opinions using a vocabulary they, and me, were taught not to use.

I am lacking in quotes of the week, so instead of providing you one this week, I’ll teach you a word in Polish. Everybody seems to know ‘kurwa’ (‘whore’, used as generously as f*ck in English), so I’ll teach you a different one. In line with the linguistics and the protests, the word is ‘wypierdalaj‘ pronounced ve-pier-duh-lay. This is the key word used in protests and is a fairly aggressive swearword, comparable with ‘get the f*ck out’. It is being shouted at politicians right now, but is also used if you want to throw an unwelcome guest out of your home or put some distance between you and an opinion of a drunken friend. The level of aggression you put into it is up to you. Use it sparingly and only when the mood is right.

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