Top three menstrual cups, judged by someone who tried over 30 different ones

Not sure if you know this, but one of my side hustles few years ago was an online shop specialising in eco-friendly personal care items, including menstrual cups. This means that over the few years I run it, I got a chance to try out over 30 different brands. And while all of them were generally fine, there are three standouts which I’ll talk about today. Excuse the tone of this post being directed specifically to women – if you are a man give it a read too in case you have a menstruating woman in your life.

First things first, I am not a medical professional, so don’t try to sue me if you do something stupid with your menstrual cup. Like use it when dirty. Or leave it in for who knows how long. The base rules are the same as for anything period related – your cup should be clean, sterilised before every period and cleaned really thoroughly with soap and clean water between uses, including every time you empty it out. And while on occasion it is probably fine to wear it for up to 12 hours without emptying, you should not make a habit out of it. In short, if your hygiene is good, your cup can make periods easier to deal with.

Information about fit and folding techniques is abundant on the web, so I won’t bore you with that. Instead, let’s get you to the list.

Me Luna®: the budget winner

Me Luna® is manufactured in Germany. The company was started in 2009 and is probably the first well known affordable cup in Europe. Their key strong points are the price, availability and assortment. Unlike most competitors, Me Luna® cups come in a broad variety of sizes, eight to be precise, 3 levels of softness and also offers different stems for the cup – a regular, a ball and a loop. They also have fun colours and we all know this – anything to make period a bit more cheerful is appreciated. You can buy them directly from Me Luna® or through their resellers. Given how broad their choice is they have recently started selling ‘starter kits’ to help users try various sizes and softness levels for a more affordable price. The starter kits sell for right around 30 but you can scoop them up on sale sometimes too. However, if you already know what you want, single cups in regular price are usually around 16.

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OrganiCup: pure style

So you know how you’d want a menstrual cup to have a specific job? I like mine to also look not embarrasing or odd if a random guest opens my bathroom cabinet. I like it to have a nice hand feel and a shape that puts my racing brain at ease. Aside from being a really good cup for the job, OrganiCup also offers the clean and simple aesthetics. The choice is just as clean and simple – 2 sizes, one colour. I’m a big fan of the fit too, softness and the tactility of the stem.

The company, OrganiCup, was started in 2012 in Denmark and that’s where they produce their cups too. To date they’ve sold over 1 million cups and have donated a match on 1% of their sales to various charitable organisations. In UK their cups sell for around £20-£21, but you can also find them from resellers for as little as £14. So if you are hoping for a nice, functional product with a good brand story, this one is it.

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Lunette Cup: just comfort

Lunette describes its’ cup as ‘The Masterpiece from Scandinavia’ and where it comes to menstrual cups, they have a point. But let’s start with the company – Lunette Menstrual Cup is based in Finland and that’s where their cups are produced. They have been founded in 2005 and as their business grows, so does their involvement in social causes and public health across the world. They run a handful of successful ongoing initiatives and get involved with period anti-poverty campaigns a lot. Honestly I’d want to work with them just for these credentials.

And what about their cups? Just as Goldilocks wanted something just right, for a lot of people with vaginas Lunette cup is just right. It’s my personal favourite too – the design really is a masterpiece in it’s category. Lunette designers keep things simple – 2 sizes in 6 colours from white and blue to a popping yellow. And somehow they got everything about this design right in my opinion – from the thickness and softness of the silicone to the rings on the bottom of the cup. They cost just under 32 or £25. For additional £2 you can buy the special edition pink one and feel good about a cup being donated with your purchase to a girl in a country where she might otherwise drop out of school from the lack of menstrual care products.

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Now I could tell you all about how bad the ‘traditional’ pads and tampons really can be, but you already know that. So instead, why don’t you share your favourite period product brands in the comments so that other users can expand their knowledge too.

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