Happy Monday (14th September 2020)

Well hi there, long time no Happy Monday musings. And today, with a beautiful summer offering the last couple of hot days before the Autumnal weather hits again, I feel like sharing some of the more interesting things in my life and on my mind. Ready?

What I’ve been reading – Slavic mythology. Norse and Greek mythology as well as Roman blend of history and mythology are well popularized by now, but the Slavic one has been partly buried with the arrival of Christianity in the Central and Eastern Europe in the 10th Century. Luckily, it has not been completely buried and there are still some interesting sources on the topic. And why, you might wonder, would I want to read about Slavic mythology? Well…if you want to understand why painted eggs are a tradition during Easter and why a horseshoe over your door is for good luck, that’s where you’ll find out.

Best thing I discovered recently – Dalmatian coast. Usually, I talk about products in this section but I haven’t been introducing all that much of new ‘stuff’ into my life. Instead, I added another country to my ‘done’ list and fell in love with Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast. In particular I’d recommend Cavtat, a sweet little village with good ice cream, warm Adriatic and friendly locals. It’s more affordable than Dubrovnik, has better shoreline walks than Zupa Dubrovacka and seems like a good base to get to other attractions. Oh, and the vibe is just right.

What has been on my mind – should the role of the UK PM be depoliticised and made elective? So we all know that the current PM is a little less professional than some others. And while I appreciate that he is reasonably well educated (Eaton and Oxford), his education is that of a writer, not a country’s leader. If he was not in politics, he’d most likely be a minor columnist. But let’s put my dislike of this man to one side and consider the role of a PM. He or she is de facto the head of the country and as such, are they not in reality a civil servant? Of course this can be argued one way or another but I honestly think that as a taxpayer I deserve a bit more say in who’s in the hot seat. And before anybody jumps to say that if you vote Tory you get Boris, let’s remind ourselves that during last election it was Mrs May, not Mr Johnson who was at the helm. Can somebody start a petition please? I’ll happily vote for a party and for a PM separately

What I’ve been watching – the media storm around ‘Cuties’. I have a problem not with the goal, but with the execution. To explain this better, the film focuses on social pressure girls are subject to in order to belong. One of the strands of that pressure is sexualisation of minors, premature exploration of femininity and clout in return for scandalisation. The film explores this strand really well and offers a very uncomfortable reminder that we’re at fault for pressuring our young generation and one another into becoming sexual objects in return for a sense of belonging. However, the problem I have with it is that by casting very young girls instead of adult actors who could be styled to look like young teens, it in effect ends up sexualising minors. However, I also havea problem with the influencers who put their daughters into dance training, see their 6-year-olds twerk onstage and then boycott Netflix because they dared to point a finger.

Quote of the week – ‘There is a big difference between lighting a fire under somebody’s butt and gaslighting them’, by yours truly. I worked with somebody who couldn’t tell the difference between the two for a while, and I still cringe at the memories. Let’s just say that it was insufferable and resulted in a big ole row, me handing a notice ot contract termination in, a lot of uncomfortable conversations for a bunch of people and a condition to my contract renewal that this person is not involved in anything that I work on. And with that I urge you to be weary of how you are trying to motivate your team, what you say as a professional and how you handle conflict.

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