Let’s talk about student loans

This article will focus on the UK outlook and higher education costs, however a number of points raised will be relevant to other countries. We are in an interesting situation where following the cancellation of in-person lessons due to the global Covid-19 pandemic not only the classrooms but also student accommodation has emptied out. Despite the mode of learning moving to online, universities are currently … Continue reading Let’s talk about student loans

The funds & shares I actually invest in

Let’s start with an important disclaimer, shall we. I am not a financial advisor or a professional within the financial field. The article below does not constitute financial, investment or any other kind of advice. If you invest in the stock market, your capital is at risk and you should always bear that in mind. Disclaimer over, today I am going to tell you where … Continue reading The funds & shares I actually invest in

(Not a) Happy Monday (1st June 2020)

Hi there. My Happy Monday posts usually focus on the good, the interesting and the fun. But today’s one is a little different. Here is the round-up of all the thought-provoking, interesting but also really weird and not great things which have hit my workbench recently. What I am reading – news. And friend, between the US police now shooting at journalists, BAME communities caught … Continue reading (Not a) Happy Monday (1st June 2020)