Happy Monday (29th June 2020)

The last few days have been scorching hot. Did I ever mention that I moved to the UK for it’s mediocre weather? I really did not sign up for these temperatures! Luckily with the rain and thunder we are now getting back to the normal low 20s (that’s Celsius for my US friends, not Fahrenheit). Anyway…to the point!

What I’ve been reading – in English, the autobiographical career memoir of Dr Richard Shepherd called Unnatural Causes. It’s a slightly graphic , slightly self-serving account of one of the few well known names in the field of forensic pathology. The book was really fun to me. In Polish, I am reading much talked about trilogy Kwiat Paproci (Fern Flower) by Katarzyna Berenika Miszczuk. The premise of the story is pretty fun – what would have happened if Mieszko I (the first ruler of united Polan tribes, circa 966 ad) decline Roman Catholic faith? The story is littered with the Slavic mythology, symbolism, the old gods and folklore creatures. But the main character in a book is dumb AND annoying which makes it less fun to read. I am however determined to finish it!

Best thing I discovered recently – If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen me mention it before. Yes, I jumped on the social media craze and tried the Chloe Ting’s 2 week shred challenge. And OH MY GAHD. I never expect much from free fitness programmes, nor do I expect much from YouTubers. She surprised me. While initially I thought this is great for skinny 19 year olds, my not so skinny 33-year old bod now has defined abs. I mentioned it to a couple of female friends and they are saying the same. Forget hours in the gym, the way she combines seemingly simple exercises really works.

What has been on my mind – Polish elections. Mainly because I vote, as explained in another blog post AND because I know a handful of Poles in the UK and in Poland, aside from my family. So we’ve been debating and comparing notes on candidates, their backgrounds, their education, their manifestos and their pets. The current president, Andrzej Duda, has a ferret. His closest rival, Rafal Trzaskowski might have a bulldog (unconfirmed), but he’s also responsible for a herd of goats which needed to be rescued by Animal Control in Warszawa. I might not like Duda’s face, but at least his ferret is alive and well.

What I’ve been watching – 100 Humans on Netflix. Mainly because I like to have some background noise when I cook, clean and do sweet nothing on the sofa. It’s a pretty fund show attempting to review a bunch of common beliefs by testing their hypothesis with 100 volunteers. As example, can you detect whether a person is young or old just by their smell? (apparently yes). Are women more talkative than men? (apparently yes). Is receiving praise conductive to better results as compared with receiving criticism? (apparently yes). That’s where I’ll stop with the spoilers. Oh, and the Boyfriend is also making me watch the full collection of Studio Gihbli anime also on Netflix, and I can’t say that I am not enjoying this.

Quote of the week – I don’t have the exact wording – sit was Donald Trump saying that the states should slow down testing because the numbers are to high at a recent rally. If you didn’t burst out laughing…yeah, I didn’t get his ‘joke’ either. Maybe he just needs a new speech writer.

And on that note, onward and upward, have a great week!

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