How to know that you’re doing ok (financially and otherwise)

You have enough clothes to not have to do laundry daily

It might surprise you, especially if you also enjoyed Marie Kondo’s Netflix series BUT if you have more than enough clothes to not have to launder daily, you doing ok. Despite what people across the western world might think, it is not a gold standard to have 300-piece wardrobe per person. And while I appreciate that many people chose the minimalist route, even the fact that this choice is available to us is already a sign that we’re in a pretty good situation.

You look for deals on things you buy

You know what you are wanting to buy. You look for the best deal on it. This means two things: you are well off enough to buy that thing and you have enough sense to try and limit how much it is going to cost you. Both of these indicate that not only you are likely to be in better position that you might think yourself to be in, but you are also likely to be on a journey of continuous improvement in your personal situation.

You know how much hot drinks cost at your local cafe

You live in an area populous and affluent enough to be able to sustain a small business AND you have, or have considered, purchasing a beverage at said business. While you might think that you cannot afford the services of this business or prefer to just not use them, the mere fact that you considered a purchase and are aware of what’s on offer indicates that you have an idea of the economy around you and possibly means to purchase a convenience or a small luxury once in a while.

You know what types of food you like

Don’t take this one for granted. It means that you have experienced, and likely are continuously experiencing a variety of foods in your life. While Dave Ramsey might shout beans & rice, you have tasted more than this and you have developed preferences for certain meals or even whole cuisines.

You are able to access books you want to read

Whether you are buying, borrowing or using some sort of a community swap, you have a way to access books. More, you have a way to access books you want to read. And even more – you are able to search for information, form an opinion and develop desire for a specific piece of literature. This means that you have had access to education, you are literate and you know how to find information.

While these points might seem really trivial to some of you, they will be a challenge for others. No matter which fraction you happen to be in, start with acknowledging what you already have before you move onto conquering the world. And with that, have a great weekend 🙂

2 thoughts on “How to know that you’re doing ok (financially and otherwise)

  1. These are all great measuring points and things to aim towards. Glad to read them and think perhaps I’m doing better than I thought too!

    1. I’m sure you are! We all beat ourselves up over something or another, but all in all I think most of us are doing better than we give ourselves credit for 🙂

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