The holy trinity of at home ‘salon’ treatments

I am not going to talk about face masks. You know how these work. Instead, I am going to talk about my top 3 at home treatments which have been tiding me over until my aesthetician’s office opens again, or replacing professionals altogether. Knowing how to do these also comes in handy when your girl has no dosh in the budget for indulgences.



If you haven’t heard about this one, do look it up. My face has always been difficult and while I do enjoy going in to see a specialist for a facial once in a while, I need to be able to help my skin keep well any day. To do that, in between carefully-crafted skincare routine, layers of SPF and occasional professional treatment, about once a week I’ll use 0.25 derma roller.

The rollers themselves are fairly inexpensive. In addition to the roller you will also need some rubbing alcohol (you will disinfect your roller before and after every use, it’s a must) and a serum of choice. If you are particularly sensitive to pain, you might want to also consider a numbing cream – I find it quite unnecessary to be honest.

How does it work? Simply speaking, it causes micro-damage to your skin forcing it to work just a tad harder or collagen production. Extremely important if you are hoping to avoid turning into a prune, apparently.

I also use it for certain scars reduction.

IPL hair removal

This one is not actually a replacement for a treatment, it is a treatment. Laser hair removal is very common and is becoming more affordable. However, some years ago I decided that while I do like the smooth lines my taste changes and maybe I don’t want to go through such a permanent procedure. Instead of lasering my ‘unwanted’ hair off, I simply treat them with Phillips Lumea. There are more brands offering similar devices now. I bought my one in 2015 for £251.56 – about the cost of two laser treatments at the time and honestly, I can recommend it.

It comes with certain limitations i.e. it doesn’t work on all skin tones and generally only works for dark hair, so of course it does not solve the issue for everyone. But if it works for you, it has the perk of being much neater and less painful than waxing, it outruns shaving by a mile and past the initial investment it only costs you few minutes every couple of weeks. And honestly, I always hated waxing anyway.

Chinese suction cup treatment

Excuse me, what?

I have thighs, and year on year they need more attention. And like pretty much all women with thighs, I have some cellulite, and like most women, I don’t like it. I blame men for that mindset, sorry not sorry. So while cellulite is a normal part of life for most women, I personally take certain steps to keep it’s appearance at a level acceptable to me. Normally, aside form exercise and good diet, this also involves monthly massage.

But right now massages are not a thing. Cue the suction cups.

My introduction to the Chinese suction cups happened at home – aside from having aesthetic use, they are also commonly used as a complimentary treatments in a bunch of ailments from common cold to joint pain. Their general job is to aid lymphatic drainage and boost circulation, and in my personal experience they do just that plus leaving some CRAZY marks on the body.

What I didn’t think of until rather recently is that while I happily pay for a massage (£60 p/h, no less), I might just as well get a set of cups and pull the same trick on my body for a fraction of the money. So finally, I invested just under £9 into a set of silicone cups. And so far so good. I am exchanging an hour’s massage every month for a 5-minute cups treatment 2-3 times per week and to be honest I am seeing results faster than I thought I would. While this particular treatment definitely does not replace a proper massage, it does an amazing job at targeting the area of my body I want to take care of.

Are there any salon treatments you replaced recently too?

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  1. I might have to try some of these- I’m definitely missing beauty salons at the moment. Currently I’m using a toner to try and keep the colour in my hair while hairdressers remain closed!

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