One week of how I really spend money

I talk about money, saving and investing all the time. But what I don’t talk about is how I actually spend money on the daily basis. Especially now, that we’re slowly edging out of a lockdown I thought I’d share how my day to day spending looks like in a course of a single week. For this particular article I avoided the first week of month during which most of my bills are paid because frankly, utility bills are boring and tell you nothing about how the spender’s life really looks like.


I woke up at about 6am feeling really frustrated. Not because it was Monday per se but because it’s another Monday during which I was unwilling to get on a public transport to go anywhere. I’ve been researching bikes for the last 6 or so weeks and honestly, the stock in the UK is so low that I decided to take the plunge and order a bike from abroad. I emailed the company on Thursday the previous week to make sure they still ship to UK, which is now outside of the EU (FML!), and they responded at 5.45am on a Monday confirming. So while I got mentally ready to start the day, I also spend £392.78 (EUR438.45) on a bike which will take 2 months to be made and shipped, before even getting out of bed.

This is NOT how I normally start my week.

I would love that to be the only expense for the day (or the year to be honest), but the monthly subscription for our food delivery was due. We pay £5 per month and have our groceries delivered on weekly basis. This works out much cheaper to paying for every delivery separately.

By the time I was done with work, I’ve managed to avoid racking up other ludicrous costs.

Monday’s total: £397.78


I’ve decided to finally buy the book I’ve been wanting to read for a while but never had the time to do it. However, given that I don’t in theory have anything better to do outside of working and keeping myself alive and well, at lunch I went over to Amazon and bought a Kindle version of ‘A Thousand Splendid Suns’ by Khaled Hosseini for £4.53.

May I suggest any person still confused about why people have been running away from Afghanistan since the start of 1980s please read it. The book is not about the war – the book is about ordinary lives, abuse of religious guidelines and lives of women in all that devastation. The read is worth every penny.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve spent on Tuesday intentionally. Independent of me, an Uber fee from the weekend (Mr and I went to Ikea) was finally taken from my PayPal – it was £15.08.

Tuesday’s total: £19.61


Wednesday has been blissful, even though it’s the hump day and it’s usually about the time where I start running out of patience so carefully accumulated during the weekend.

One of the reasons for it being quite so blissful was that I’ve spent NO money. And it’s nice to have a mid-week no spend day, especially when you’re having just a touch of buyer’s remorse over how your week has started.

Wednesday’s total: £0


Another great no-spend day and I started it by exercising for 25 minutes. It must be said that I am not a morning person at all, so to get me out of bed in mood good enough to willingly exercise boarders on a miracle.

Thursday is also the start of my weekend so let’s be honest – I was going to have a good day no matter what.

In other positive news, after weeks of negotiations with a hotel in Poland the hotel finally agreed to reshuffle my booking to another date. With Covid I’ve been slowly moving out all my travel plans to August onward in hope that I can actually go. I really didn’t want to be spending more money, so this is a win worth £142.

To add to the positivity, Intellectual Property Office emailed me confirming that an application I’ve made a couple of weeks earlier for a trademark for the PJs business meets the criteria. I’ve never applied for a trademark before simply because anything I do is automatically subject to copyright protected under the UK legislation. BUT for this one, I want the TM. The standard application costs £170 if you are curious.

Thursday’s total: £0


I woke up and exercised again. Can you believe it? I know, I was shook too. With the endorphins all over the place, I spoke to the Mr and dispatched myself on a mission to find a handful of products which we can’t seem to be able to get in our usual weekly shop.

My mission to find the products sent me down the path of my local Aldi, where I’ve spent £6.78 on organic brown onions, sweet pointed peppers and easily-bruised fruit. My mission also took me to a Polish shop where I dropped another whooping £6.55 on a particular brand of cocoa powder (Deco Moreno – makes amazing hot cocoa) and a selection of flours.

I went home after my wonderful escapade and got working on a bunch of personal projects which required no spendings.

Friday’s total: £13.33


I spent my Saturday making money, not spending it. This involved listing a handful of items on Facebook marketplace and helping Mr list some items on eBay – he uses my old account to trade XBOX games now. I also knocked through a couple of surveys since I was already at a computer. We rounded that day off by going for a lovely leisurely walk managing to get home right before the downpour started. To close the day off we watched ‘The last days of American crime’ on Netflix. Not my favourite if I’m to be honest, but since my in-laws kindly pay for our Netflix account, I am going to watch stuff!

Saturday’s total: £0


Sunday is the day when we have our groceries delivered. This particular shop is about £30 more expensive than the other shops in any given month because it includes:

  • dry cat food (Iams was on sale for £7.50 instead of £11 per 2kg bag so we got two)
  • alcohol (I wanted some summery cider which was 4 for £6 and he wanted waissbier, also 4 for £6). While we never drunk much at home, we do drink occasionally – the bars and restaurants are still shut so don’t judge, at least we don’t drink daily
  • diet coke – I drink it sometimes and ended up getting a big box for little money so it lasts for a while

Our overall cost for the shop was £78.85.

The food showed up at around 8.30am. There was a handful of items which tehy didn’t have in stock, so I made a second trip of the week to Aldi, mainly to find some flour. Surprisingly, it was a success. I say surprisingly because if you are able to buy flour in a supermarket right now, it means you don’t live in England. In addition to the flour I ended up getting some tinned tuna for Mr (and the cats), some more easily bruising fruit and randomly, ciabatta rolls which were also not available for delivery. The damage? £17.79

My last purchase of the day was a replacement set of Chinese suction cups – I use them mainly on my things as they need more care than they used to, now that I’m edging into mid-thirties. The set of the silicone ones cost £8.99 on Amazon.

Sunday’s total: £105.53

Before I tally the week up it’s worth saying that some of these costs, in particular food will be shared between my partner and me equally. While we are in a long term, live-together-do-life-together committed relationship, neither of us is interested in combining our accounts anytime soon. So to give you an accurate image of my spending I am not just tallying up the costs of the week, but I am also detailing how much of the cost is actually mine.

Total for the week: £536.25

My cost: £467.61

You will likely notice that there is something big missing here – although I am a Londoner, there isn’t a single coffee shop, pub, restaurant, bar or cultural expense on this list. While this is something that will likely change in the coming weeks, at the time of writing non-essential venues are not yet open in England. And trust me when I say it, I miss going places.

How do you spend during the week?

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