(Not a) Happy Monday (1st June 2020)

Hi there. My Happy Monday posts usually focus on the good, the interesting and the fun. But today’s one is a little different. Here is the round-up of all the thought-provoking, interesting but also really weird and not great things which have hit my workbench recently.

What I am reading – news. And friend, between the US police now shooting at journalists, BAME communities caught between the racism, Covid-19 and rioters and Trump attempting to run for the second term, the future is not looking rosy for the States just yet. But I do hope the sheer extent of the response to recent tragedies will act as a catalyst for positive change.

Edit: I am now also reading materials from this free Yale course on African American History: From Emancipation to Present.

Worst thing I discovered recently – one of my closest friends is REALLY leaving the country. I helped him a little with packing up his house on Saturday for crying out loud. And his departure is going to be followed by another friend, who (oh the horror) is going to be moving to the US. My country, just like my circle of closest friends is starting to fall apart. Is this how the 30s look like for everyone? Also, majority of the British public are goddamn sheep. Have you seen the weekend photos from Durdle Door? The politicians wanted herd immunity, but all they’re getting is a herd. I also discovered that my 20% pay cut looks even worse on paper than it did in my least optimistic budget projection.

What has been on my mind – Civil servants. Judging by the level of protection Dominic Cummings has received from BoJo, I’m in a wrong job. Can I please have the PM back me when I’m being a d*ckhead to the rest of the society? I’d really REALLY like that. No? Well then, the fool should be sacked. Ah, you might respond – but the man is pretty much the backbone of BoJo’s political career, what happens when he’s out of the picture? Well, I respond, maybe BoJo grows a backbone of his own and resolves to do something more useful than mumbling nonsense on live TV, like hire an aide without a god complex?

What I’ve been watching – The Myka Stauffer adoption train wreck. Perfect topic for the international children’s day, isn’t it. This is a hard one because the Stauffers are likeable, relatable and hard to accuse of making a decision to adopt and then unadopt (???) a child for the sake of raising their own profile and the number of views. On the other hand, are they really good people? Do good people decide to put their children’s lives on the internet like that? Do good people commit to giving a child a home and then, because the child happens to be on the spectrum, they change their mind? I honestly don’t think this was done out of any sort of malice. But maybe I’m a bad person, because watching the clapback from their following is pretty fascinating.

Quote of the week – The only way is through. If that’s not optimistic that I don’t know what is.

Good luck.

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