My actual lockdown routine – the weekend

I recently posted about my weekday routine. You can find the post here. Today, let us talk about the weekend version, since we are nearing yet another one.

My weekends are a good bit different to my weekdays, and it gives me some sense of sanity. Don’t get me wrong – I still spend these at home, but usually fairly differently to my weekdays.

A typical weekend looks like this for me now:


Wake up at 7am, enjoy some pleasant and carefully curated social media interactions, scramble out of bed by 8am. I don’t make the bed right away on Saturday usually, because it’s my cleaning day. Instead I strip it, put new covers and sheets on and then make it up with all clean bedding. I then head for the bathroom to get myself ready for the day, clocking the cat litter cleaning task on the way. I have the first load of laundry running as I exit the bathroom.

Usually I am downstairs and ready to make breakfast by 8.30am. Usually in a rank mood because I am hungry and literally just did 1/3 of the housework for the day in my PJs.

BUT weekend breakfast is a treat – either pancakes, or mushrooms on toast or something else scrumptious. Following the breakfast which takes a pleasant hour, involves no listening to the news and is overall a much happier affair than weekdays, I get the rest of the housework done. This equates to cleaning my home top to bottom, vacuuming etc. It takes on average 2h to get it really really clean. My boyfriend’s task while I do that is entertaining our two cats and keeping the hell out of my way. I get a lot of pent up stress out while I clean and scrub, so it is important that I have an open run through the house.

I move onto the serene tasks like watering and spritzing my plants after the main cleaning and then I spend whatever time I have left until lunch practicing piano.

We have lunch around 12.30pm – no changes there from the weekday. I then send myself on a long, usually solitary walk through the residential streets of my neighbourhood, crossing to the other side of the road if I see anybody nearing me. I get a kick out making unsuspecting pedestrians feel awkward like that. My boyfriend will occasionally come along too. On return I’ll have a nice cup of tea and spend 2h+ video calling my parents, brother and his family, friends and other miscellaneous connections. I’ll be done by 5pm or so, where my evening is very similar to my weekday evening with two exceptions: I will update our food order (we managed to battle out a recurring food delivery from our supermarket for Sunday mornings so that we don’t have to visit in person) and I will have a leisurely glass of alcohol of some sort or another. I am usually more inclined to watch a whole film or a TV series on Saturday than I would be during the week.

I go to bed around 11-11.30pm and unlike the weekday, fall asleep within seconds.



I am awake by 7am and checking what time our food delivery is due to show up. I inform the boyfriend accordingly and get ready in the same way I would on Saturday, minus the housework.

I then have a slow breakfast, probably offer some help to the boyfriend while he works through disinfecting all food packages and washing all fruit and veg we received (they arrive before 9am normally), and I am ready to get on with my Sunday. The rest of the morning is usually a little lazy – a tiny bit of meal prep, some reading, another piano practice and then we’re onto lunch already. It is the afternoon when things really happen for me on Sundays.

As of recently, every Sunday afternoon involves a project – refinishing the dining room table, renewing the silicone around the bathtub, sourcing materials (online) for shelving in our outdoor storage shed, reorganizing specific areas of my home… All of these are home related because when you sit at home all day, that one bit of chipped paint starts to grate at you. The louder the better too – I seem to enjoy being the obnoxious neighbour right now. On the positive, having something different to do every week has been grounding and in all honesty it’s really helped me to both keep track of time and to have something to look forward to. I tend to pick projects which require concentration, take at least couple of solid hours to complete and are slightly outside of my comfort zone. And if I can’t find a project around the house, I’ll do a heavy session of content planning and scripting. So now you know, if you see a video on a Sunday, it’s because that way my project for the week. I spend the afternoon on the job.

My evening then smoothly moves into a dinner, usually eaten around 7pm and an early shower with and an extended version of my normal self-care (i.e. I’ll put on a face mask and paint my nails). I tend to be in my PJs and in a sleep-ready state by 10pm. I then wrap myself up in a blanket (usually wrestled away from the boyfriend), plop down on the sofa and read a book or just watch some YouTube for an hour. I’ll then spend few minutes playing with the cats and call it a night by 11pm, ready to face another working week.

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