Happy Monday (23rd March 2020)

Hello there. Isn’t this Spring splendid? You probably have seen as little of it as I have, because social distancing…but the world of nature has not stopped and that’s probably a good thing. Lets’s get to the point though :-).

What I’m reading – ‘Sapiens – A brief History of Humankind’ by Yuval Noah Harari. I’m about halfway in and I am enjoying it greatly so far. If you, like me, have forgotten about 90% of stuff you were taught in school, this book is a great adult source for re-learning the history, anthropology and sociology materials. Definitely worth a read.

Best thing I discovered recently – zoom parties. I might not be seeing my friends and family in person, but having a lunch over a video chat with my mother is now a thing. Whether you prefer facetime, whatsapp, skype, zoom or anything else, it’s kinda nice. And the most fun? Given that you should not really be spending time with people face to face unless necessary, Mr and I have now taken to seeing people over a conference call for dinner and drinks and it’s nice!

What has been on my mind – not much in all honesty. My life is suddenly non-challenging: not only I now work from home full time (in a job I am really ready to leave, no less) but I also find myself not having to fend the everyday reality of commuting, putting up with strangers, being interrupted and having to plan things constantly. Instead, I just do a bunch of work from home every day, then some housework, hang out with the cats (and boyfriend) and…that’s about it. I do make an effort to spend few hours every week planning out my next move (i.e. things I’ll be doing in May), but honestly I am blissfully unstressed by the current reality and I wish you all the same luxury.

What I’ve been watching – ‘Miss America’. I can’t help but compare this to ‘Homecoming’, and like it more. Don’t get me wrong, this is not a shade against Beyonce. From my personal standpoint Taylor Swift is just more relatable – we’re close in age, have a surprisingly high number of similar issues (alas she gets to live hers out under constant media scrutiny) and a similar system of values, apparently. This obviously won’t be the case for many people but for me, it’s like watching a classmate go through some crazy stuff. I also preferred the balance of the Swift personality over the persona – it was a nice watch.

Action of the week – create a block schedule. I need to be more productive!!

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