Happy Monday (24th February 2020)

Uh oh! I haven’t done this since November, about time another one showed up!

Welcome to the very first Happy Monday in 2020. Let’s get right to it.

What I’m reading – ‘Prisoners of Geography’ by Tim Marshall. In fact, I finished it last night and it’s not on my ‘recommend to everyone’ list. The book is well structured, Tim’s view on the topic of geopolitics is insightful and unlike other publications on the topic, it’s an interesting read. No, of course you won’t come away with an intimate knowledge of every region’s politics, but this book paints a good picture and helps in contextualising why our world is the way it is politically.

Best thing I discovered recently – Pick up Limes blog. I seem to have been living under a rock, not even kidding. Have you guys seen this woman’s recipes? I live for food and gosh, she gives me a lot to live for. My two current faves are her One-pot Creamy Mushroom Pasta and Vegetable Noodle Stir-fry with Peanut and Lime Sauce. The two key differentiators with Sadia’s blog over other recipe sources are that her recipes are fully plant based but your picky relatives won’t be able to tell and she’s a nutritionist – something that shows through how these recipes are put together.

What has been on my mind – two things in fact. Covid-19 is the first one…seriously if not Brexit, then a health emergency. This world is never a peaceful place. The second thing is my job, which I will be leaving at the end of April with no plans to find another one anytime soon. Ok, that’s a little lie – the job itself is not on my mind all that much, the projects which I am embarking on after I leave it are though. Expect to see more at-home DIYs on my instagram (so many shelves to put up) and a brand launch – I am going to venture into slow fashion of premium linen and cotton loungewear. Keep your fingers crossed for me, just finding a pattern maker is borderline a mission impossible!

What I’ve been watching – ‘Goop’ on Netflix. I expected to hate it, but I actually enjoyed the series. It’s pretty wacky and out there, but it fits right in with my idea of what the baby boomers think I spend my days doing as a millennial. For clarity, no, I don’t spend my days ingesting magic mushrooms or getting ‘exorcisms’ by energy healers. I spend my days working to pay my mortgage, because the boomers screwed the property market in the UK over, thanks. Anyway, it’s a fun show, go watch it if you have spare time.

Quote of the week – ‘It always seems impossible until it’s done’ by Nelson Mandela. No matter how small or how big the task is, it’s Monday today so get going on it.



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