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I’ve been writing on this blog, mainly about money, for about a year now. And I came to realise that I always write to you from the perspective of money worries. Coming from the experience of intense debt payoff and now just as intense savings phase, this is not surprising. But money is not a worry – money is a tool and it can be a fun one. So in today’s post let me tell you what I really think about money.

Lots is good, more is better.

Most personal finance bloggers, coaches and ‘gurus’ tell you all about cutting down to reduce debt, tightening your budget and minimising your lifestyle.
Are we for real here? Because that’s looking like a life of self-deprivation to me.
If you want abundance, make more money. If you want to pay off your debts fast, make more money. If you want to worry less about money, make more of it.
Yes, managing your expenses is important. But increasing your income is much more important that keeping an eye on whether you’ve overspend $5 on this month’s groceries category.

If you are considering your situation and thinking about all the things which stand in the way of you building or increasing your income, let me tell you that I moved to a foreign country TWICE, pushed myself through ridiculous schedules and grueling projects, made unreasonable demands and reshaped my whole ‘first impression’ personality to stand a chance of making decent income. The only thing standing in the way of you bringing more money home is, you guessed it, you.

You’ve been taught a lie

I grew up hearing things like ‘money is the root of all evil’, ‘money can’t buy you happiness’, ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’ and many others. The main message was that too much money was bad, acquiring money was supposed to be something that requires a lot of effort and that even if you have acquired it, it won’t make you happy. How confusing, and none of it really true. So let’s debunk these misrepresentations quickly.

Money is not the root of all evil, greed is more likely the culprit here. In my eyes there is a whole load of money in this world. And it’s used for good and for bad. It’s a tool, and as with any tools, people will use it in different ways. It can contribute to the bad as much as it can contribute to the good, so the association with evil is honestly neither here nor there.

Money does not buy happiness, but…As far as happiness goes, regardless of how much we have, many of us are still miserable f*cks. Let me tell you this. Money has no influence on whether you are or are not a miserable f*ck as a person, but I’d definitely prefer to be a miserable f*ck jetting around the world as I please instead of miserable f*cking my way through a cold night on a park bench. Happiness is a journey, money is a tool in that journey.

And does money grow on trees? Well… our governments definitely think so. Did we really elect people with such a poor grasp on the concept of economy to manage our pension provisions when we are too old to work? Yes, we have (if you have not voted, you don’t get to complain either!). But jokes aside, the truth is that money is abundant. We built an economy, system of value, exchange of goods and services and pretty much the most important bartering ecosystem around the concept of money. And there is a ton of it in this world and as soon as you have something to offer, money is within your reach.

I like it

Babe, I like money. In my pocket, in my account, swirling around me on a windy afternoon. I’d rather have it than not. And with that, new age and all, I invite money into my life. Like…hey cash, you’re welcome here, come on in.

I treat the money I have with respect and consideration. And in exchange, it does all the heavy lifting, unpleasant chores and caretaking for me. We have a relationship, and it’s a good one – I’m the best boss I can be and the money does the best job it can do under my management.


I only have one tip here for you today.

Make more.

No, I am not making mockery of the fact that budgeting is important, or that not everyone is destined to be a multi-millionaire. But take my word for it and let yourself wander into the mindset of ‘how can I bring more money’ instead of ‘ how can I spend less’. Because that’s a good way forward, and a definitely better one than constantly pinching the pennies.


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