Happy Monday (4th November 2019)

Hello there. Hello in November.

Not going to lie, I’m excited for the season. Autumn is by far my favourite time of the year. So let me put on a sweater, and another one and a jacket, and hope my shoes are waterproof because it’s gonna get wet. Cold and wet. Love it like nothing else.

And it’s also time of productivity for me. So finally I am picking my laptop back up and getting back on the blog work. Coming to you today with the five things which have been in my life recently.


What I am reading – ‘The secret barrister: Stories of law and how it’s broken’. Let me give you a spoiler alert – this book is not about criminals, fat cats and mafia. This book is about the British judicial system for criminal law. And it’s fascinating, mainly because British law is somewhat bizarre for a person who grew up in a very different system. The book makes for a great reading, alas an uncomfortable one. If you, like me, have a tendency to see the bad before the good, you might want to consider not living in the UK. Why you might ask? This book is just another snippet of evidence in the long line of the reasons why the country despite being seemingly wonderful is in fact grippling with a whole host of very serious issues.


Best thing I discovered recently – friends, I learnt how to bake really good bread. A little while ago I was watching Knorpp & South channel and Megan Knorpp was making a batch of bread for her family. And in the video she gave one tip which is worth repeating. Warm water does not mean ‘lukewarm’ or ‘room-temperature’. Warm water means that you can still stick your finger in it, but any warmer and you’ll be worried for getting scalded. If you think how this is relevant to making good bread at home, you need warm water to activate the yeast properly. The second tip I picked up is from a different video and is about forming the crust – we want it crusty but we don’t want to be breaking our teeth on it. To make the perfect crust, you will want a pan of hot water in the oven with your bread and halfway through baking you will take a spray bottle and spritz your bread with it generously. And by generously, I mean drench it. It should be wet.

If you are not sure why anybody would want to bake their own bread, here are my reasons: it’s satisfying, it tastes great and you can season it to your preferences, it does not include preservatives, it makes the house smell like a boulangerie,  and finally I don’t have a boulangerie near me and supermarket bread is just meh.


What has been on my mind – the environment and a whole bunch of offshoot topics. One thing made me think. A colleague of mine and I have been chatting about the impact of consumer behaviour on economy and therefore on the environment. One of my statements was – how about people simply reduce meat consumption a little so that gradually we can re-engineer food supply chain and everything that goes with it. His response was that it was irrelevant but if we cut down on refrigeration costs, the impact would really be felt. The problem is, that outside of aircon use, we mainly refrigerate animal produce. It struck me that we all have our little pockets of considerations, but it is very hard to see the big picture sometimes. So I’m making a bot more of an effort to see the big picture and understand how different human activities impact follow-on activities and result in overall environmental footprint. So far the one thing I can say is that every individual behaviour matters.


What I’ve been watching – I had a little catch up movie night this Saturday just gone. The Boyfriend and I watched Crazy Rich Asians. As much as I greatly enjoyed the books, the movie was less interesting. Shot as a fun romcom it’s pretty to watch, it has a lot of beautiful people and fun clothing, and it’s the right length. BUT. Too much of the transitional material was removed resulting in some scenes just not making much sense in the context of the whole storyline.


Quote for the week – ‘Stay hungry, stay foolish’ by Steve Jobs. Interpret it as you please.


Have an amazing week!

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