Happy Monday Rant (5th August 2019)

I have a little rant for you today, to get started on the week.

Occasionally I’ll scroll through Instagram and see something along the lines of ‘aspiring traveller’ posted within the debt free community space. What is an aspiring traveller? Is this person wanting to join a Gypsy or Irish traveller community? I guess not.

I’m assuming that it’s a person aspiring to travel, but not necessarily quite able to at all or to the extent they wish to. As a person who travels a lot and has a clear vision on the level of effort and sacrifice in other parts of life being able to travel entails, this ‘aspiring traveller’ label irks me for several reasons.

Firstly, what sort of travel are you aspiring to? A full time, round the world, this is all I do in life travel? A frequent travel but I still have a homebase and a day job travel? I travel to Walmart and back twice a week travel? So imprecise and a little pretentious too.

Secondly, what are you doing with this aspiration? I once subscribed to a YouTube channel with ‘wanderluster’ in the name. The channel described itself as a travel and adventure channel. It was not – all the videos were of a woman sitting in front of the camera telling me about decluttering and saving on groceries. SERIOUSLY? Mislabelled AF. The content was actually interesting for a person interested in other people’s lives but based on the name it was just disappointing. I unsubscribed.

Thirdly, why are you aspiring but not achieving? Yes, we all have constraints in life. Yes, we all make hard choices. But for goodness sake, if a family with a dozen kids can move into an RV and travel the world while running a business…what exactly is your excuse? Oh yes, that’s right, you said you’re aspiring. You’re not doing it.

I am really fed up with seeing this attitude all over the place for things which do not include any level of amazing talent, years of practice or heavenly beauty. How about we pull up our socks and actually figure out a way to stop aspiring and start doing?

Here is a personal example. My friend had a dream of owning her own home. She didn’t ‘aspire’ to become a homeowner, she wanted the security that comes with no more ever-increasing rent payments. She took an extra shift at work, tightened down her budget and analysed both the market and her financial options. She had the keys to her little home within 12 months.

What am I saying here? I am saying that if you aspire to be or do something, it doesn’t take you anywhere. However, if you take steps to achieving something, you have a good chance of getting there.

Rant over. Go make a plan for this week.

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