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I’ve been posting on here for quite a long while now, so it felt like a good time to finally get a bit more personal and tell you some of the things which you might not otherwise find out. It was pretty hard to find some questions which might have interesting answers, but luckily ladies came up with a really good set recently.

So here it goes 😊

  1. My favourite hobby is: getting crafty – I love drawing, doodling and creating things with my hands. My close second is travel, greatly evidenced on my Instagram. I have this weird goal of travelling to more countries than years I live by the time I am 34. I’m 32 now and have been to 27 countries with 28th booked for my 33rd birthday.
  2. I love: being still and looking out over my green neighbourhood in South London. If I didn’t go to work every day I’d end up as one of those neighbourhood grannies who hang out of their window all day long, no joke.
  3.  I look up to: people who prove me wrong in a clever way and really anybody who can teach me something interesting. I’m a bit of a knowledge sponge like that but it has a side effect of sometimes knowing too much which makes it hard to appreciate opposing opinions.
  4. A funny or embarrassing moment of mine is: there are many. I tend to trip on flat surfaces, drop glasses of water on laptops and just generally be a clumsy piece of misfortune. I also seem to have a habit of sitting in airplane seats which aren’t mine, usually one row ahead or behind. Genius like that.
  5. My siblings or lack there of influenced me by: being my polar opposites. I have one brother who happens to be 3 years older. He was always the naughty child, getting into trouble, not doing his homework etc which left me with little choice but to be the responsible, good kid. Now he runs his own business, has a beautiful family and is a responsible father, strongly rooted in Polish culture, ethic and attitude. Me on the other hand… I have again taken the polar opposite and am a little millennial third-culture snowflake with a limited sense of responsibility and no desire to settle down. It’s nice to know that between us we create a weird balance in our family. Fun fact – I’m a brown eyed brunette, he’s a blue-eyed blonde but somehow you can totally tell we are a family.
  6. My pets are my life: you’ve seen my cats? No? Their insta handle is @tigrouandkirin. They’re my furry children and they complete my life like no human can.
  7. I’m afraid of: everything… puddles, medium heights, roller-coasters, spiders, dogs, strangers, really cold foods, weight gain, bad tea…the only way I made it this far is by convincing myself that anxiety is useless.
  8. The most unusual item found in my possession is: pierogi form gifted to me by my mum. I use it for making pierogi, gyoza and certain dim sum. I probably have some other weird items dotted around the house, but this one was the only one ever questioned by people in my life. I try not to hoard, ok?
  9. One of my hidden talents is: I can judge a couple on the spot. It’s quite scary really and I try not to do it. The worst version of it was when I met this one couple in HK and immediately said to my partner – she’s a gold digger, he’s a gullible idiot. My partner was furious with me for saying that about a family friend (her), but only until the point when he realised she totally was a gold digger few months later. They guy, bless him because he is lovely, is a total gullible idiot. She dumped him the moment he lost his high paying job to prove the point too.
  10. Here’s some advice I live by: ‘make the world a better place than you found it’. Pick up the litter, smile at people, lend a hand sometimes. Let animals be, call people out on their BS if they go too far. Make some sort of positive impact, even when you think it’s insignificant. Have a moral backbone, be fair, act responsibly. I know, it sounds like a lot of fuzzy mush, but I really try to do the right thing even when I fail sometimes.

That’s it! Do you feel like you’ve gotten to know the person on the other side of this blog a little better?

5 thoughts on “Get to know me better

      1. well from what I read, it sure sounds like you are doing a great job at it! good for you, I so admire you for this……….if i could only go back, i would so be right there with you!

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