Happy Monday (ok, it’s Tuesday…) 9 July 2019

So July is here. Anybody else a bit surprised? I know it comes every year, but gosh. July is here. And I am writing my happy Monday post on a Tuesday…because I’ve been away so much that Monday has turned into a flight day.

June has been busy and exciting and full of sunshine and activities and projects, and it has been lovely. Here are some of the things which have been with me through the end of June and are coming along in July which is already turning out just as busy.

What I am reading – ‘Total Immersion Swimming’ by Terry Laughlin and John Delves. I’d like to get better at swimming, this book (and videos and practice) are supposed to make me a better, more efficient swimmer. If you are swimming to build muscle, it might not be for you. If you are swimming because you enjoy gliding through water, it’s your book. The judgement is out though, I have not had the chance to make my way to the pool since starting the read. Instead, I’ve been squeezing short jogs into my schedule in hope of not getting any chubbier than I already am.

Best product discovered recently – Turkish towels. The cotton and the linen ones, they’re truly lovely. I’ve just returned from a trip to Istanbul and had a grand time purchasing a couple, to replace some of the old towels currently knocking about the house. One of the people gave me some care tips too – let the towels soak in cold water for 24h before washing and using them, this is supposed to ‘train’ the cotton and linen to be more absorbent. The towels are likely to last upward of 15 years. Let’s see if that is true, for now I’m just really enjoying my new purchases.

What has been on my mind – education. Not necessarily my own, but general education and access to the same. While away over the last few days I was surprised to see very few women in the workplace in the country I visited. It turned out that general education level in that country is low (high school dropout is an average) resulting in women not having enough of a financial incentive to work outside of home – childcare is expensive, and wages are low. Sadly, this results in women being dependent on their male spouses which can then result in abuse – us humans can be despots at home, let’s face it. Education is important because it leads to personal independence, and personal independence leads to respect (because you don’t have to be around somebody who does not show you respect if you have a choice) which in turn leads to a fairer, healthier society. How can education be distributed, and the average of high school dropout raised to a high school graduate?

What I’ve been learning – piano, continued. I am finding myself to be a poor piano player, but a determined one never the less. After just over a month of owning a keyboard, I am starting to play with sheet music, and a level well below grade 1. It’s a very slow progress for me but at the same time I find the whole exercise exceptionally relaxing. So poor or not, I intend on enjoying myself while I ruin the ears of my neighbours.

Quote for the week – ‘The impossible could not have happened, therefore the impossible must be possible in spite of appearances.’ By Agatha Christie.


Have a great week!

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