Happy Monday (3rd June 2019)

It’s Monday the 3rd June.

The international children’s day was on the 1st of June – it was lovely to get a phone call from my parents and joke around at the fact that their youngest child is in her 30s. The holiday is a bigger deal for my brother who has two children – actual small people – and ended up sending me a whole bunch of photos of my nephew dressed up as a knight (wearing shorts though, it was a hot day) and my niece running around – she’s just over one year old and running is her new skill. But that was on the 1st and now we’re back to it, so happy Monday!

What I am reading – Michelle Obama’s ‘Becoming’. I have all the feels when reading this book. It’s written in a very accessible, open way. Unlike Barak’s books which I find a little too verbose, this one despite being a non-fiction reads like a novel. It flows, it draws you in and it tells a good story. As a female, it’s also incredibly relatable despite Michelle Obama’s and my own backgrounds being vastly different. One thing which I found particularly interesting in this book is the race and inequality message and how it is talked about. To give a context, a little while ago I read ‘Why I’m no longer talking to white people about race’ by Reni Eddo-Lodge, a powerful yet inflammatory, unfair and generalising book about racism and race. By comparison the way in which Michelle tackles the topic comes across as just as head-on but also much less inflammatory, without sweeping generalisations. The book is refreshing in that context and many others – it’s a genuinely interesting read.

Best product discovered recently – Asda groceries home delivery. Yes, I still shop at Aldi and Sainsburys frequently for the things which are significantly cheaper and not available elsewhere respectively, but I no longer carry one week’s worth of shopping home every Saturday morning. It is now carried for me and I like it.

What has been on my mind – Fresh food and growing my own herbs. I live in a maisonette apartment without a private garden, but I do have a tiny balcony (I mean it – it fits 1 person with the door open) where I grow rosemary, parsley and coriander. I also have some spring onions on the go since last week (you can see the progress on my instagram) and a geranium at the front door. I used to have pretty much an indoor urban jungle but since getting my two cats it’s no longer an option – they dig plants right up. But I miss growing things so I am now growing herbs. If I ever get a house with a garden, it will be a vegetable garden!

What I’ve been learning – Piano. I am a terrible pianist is what I have learnt so far, but I am not giving up anytime soon.

Quote of the week – ‘It doesn’t look like anything to me’.


Good luck this week peeps!

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