Happy Monday (13th May 2019)

It’s Monday the 13th. On that account I am weirdly pleased that it’s not a Friday. So let’s get on with making Monday the 13th a pleasant one.

What I am watching – ‘Game of Thrones’. Did you expect me to say anything else, one week out from the final episode? I’ve just wrapped up the penultimate episode (on my way to work, no less) and now I shall keep my mouth shut until all my colleagues AND my boyfriend catch up, except…Dracarys. The silence is killing me! If you are in the UK and wanting to watch it for free and in good quality, my cheeky tip is to sign up to Now TV trial and download the whole thing. The trial is open for 7 days – plenty of time to watch the whole season.

Best product discovered recently – I had a rediscovery of something I tried a long while ago and didn’t love then, but which I’ve now come to appreciate. If you follow me on YouTube, you might have seen this video in which I discuss the things which you can phase out of your life for a better home. I stopped using disposable facial cotton and instead switched to microfibre cloths for makeup removal. The brand I had from few years ago is Erase my Face. If you don’t fancy splurging on these (mine was £4.99 at TK Maxx, not exactly a splurge), I’ve been told regular wash cloths work well too.

What has been on my mind – English language and grammar. If you are reading my blog as a native speaker you have probably noticed that my content sometimes contains grammatical errors and small anomalies. Nothing big, but I do slip into grammatical structures from other languages every now and again. This isn’t normally an issue because I specialise in storytelling and not technical content outside of my day job, however recently I felt like I am lacking in my language skills. I have decided to commit some time to practicing my language skills and started working through ‘Advanced Grammar in Use’ by Martin Hewings. I completed the intermediate version (‘English Grammar in Use’) back at the end of high school and honestly, I seem to have stopped there. Although my vocabulary has progressed immensely since, where my grammar was failing then, it’s still failing now.

What I’ve been learning about – Over the last 3 weeks I’ve been learning a lot about drop shipping. It’s not something I am looking to pursue as a job anytime soon, but since it’s been such a hot topic in the financial sphere over the recent months, it was time to learn. I’ll gather my knowledge, resource references and useful tips in a video and a post over this coming weekend, so stay tuned. Before you dismiss this particular business idea, let me just say that it’s been growing quickly for a reason and no, it is not as shady as some people make it out to be.

Quote of the week – ‘Keep your face to the sunshine and you can never see the shadow’ by Helen Keller. It’s almost foolhardy but at the same time just so optimistic. And since it is only Monday, I’d better put some SPF on and get going!

Have a great week.

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