Happy Monday (29th April 2019)

Yay to short weeks! Last week was Easter, next week is the early May bank holiday. I love me a short working week, but at the same time if you work in creative it just means that you are going to condense 5 working days into 4 and pray that nothing falls over. So far, knock on the wood, things have been a little wobbly but not falling over.

What I am watching – ‘Homecoming’, Beyonce’s film on Netflix. I’ll get some criticism for this for sure, but guys, I did not like a lot of the film. Yes, it was amazing to see just how much work goes into a stellar performance, how the dancers and musicians vibe to come together, how committed everybody is including Beyonce herself. The not so amazing part was just how aggressive some of the messaging in the music itself was. Not empowering – just aggressive. It’s a shame that the messaging of the music detracted from the positive message of commitment, growing talent and making a go at something really incredibly difficult.

Best product discovered recently – Bosch serie 4 washing machine. I did a bunch of research into affordable, good quality appliances recently and ended up purchasing a new washing machine. The one I chose was a Serie 4 with 8kg laundry capacity and I am loving it so far. There were 3 other machines in the running, but the quiet spin factor won.

What has been on my mind – selecting a new hobby. I used to select a new sport every year (if my knees were’t messed up I’d be doing parkour this year, I kid you not!) but given my current physical limitations, I switched to trying a new hobby. And it’s piano’s turn. It was a hard choice this time around and it involved questioning myself about commitment, whether I even like the noise pianos make, finger agility and all sorts of other ‘do I really’ considerations. At the end of the day, I want to be able to play piano. I want to get somewhat ok at playing piano.

Food of the week – with Easter just gone, it’s soured rye soup for me, also known as Żurek Wielkanocny. I’ve been wanting some Żurek for weeks, and finally got around to souring some rye and making the soup. If you have never done something like that, souring rye for soup involves placing a cup of rye flour in a sterile jar, pouring over 3 cups of lukewarm water (must be boiled first, not directly from the tap), adding in 3 cloves of garlic (anti-fungal) and letting the whole thing sit for few days. Once it is sour and smells garlicky, you can cook with it.

Quote of the week – Not my circus, not my monkeys. It’s a Polish idiom/proverb and man, I’ve dug into Polish proverbs recently and maybe I should do a video on them. Since I spend my life speaking English, I forgot just how amazing Polish idioms are. This one has been serving as a great stress reliever – for me it’s a reminder that I can only control what is under my control.

With the last one especially in mind, welcome to the new week, it’s going to be a good one!




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