Happy Monday (8th April 2019)

Happy Monday! I love April, it’s such a capricious month. The weather gets moody and edgy, people get moody and edgy and the world gets creative. Don’t know about you, but I need a little bit of a mood swing and attitude shift to produce my best work and so far, I’ve been snowed under professional and personal projects. Here are some of the things occupying my mind outside of work:

What I am watching – “The Barkley Marathons: The race that eats its young” on Netflix. Started this morning actually, intent on finishing on my home commute. It’s a short documentary about the Barkley Marathons – not something I’d ever be likely to run (I’d struggle to walk more than 1 loop I guess) but my own inability has never stopped me from enjoying other people’s mad antics. Worth a watch just for the kooky trail names the organisers crafted over the years.

Best product discovered recently – Aldi hot cloth cleanser. It’s cheap, the ingredients are not evil and it works. What else can I say?

What has been on my mind – Meat and its impact on the environment. If you follow my Instagram (@missionmoneyblog) you might have seen a couple of stories where I break things down like this: I grew up on a farm. My parents taught me that eating meat comes at a cost of killing an animal. I’m tired of killing animals. To make things worse, modern agriculture is terrible – it causes more pollution that most other sources, it makes the oceans into sewers and allows for mismanagement of our planet so great that I can only compare it to cutting your own legs off mid-run. Long story short, I’m going to eat less meat, like a lot less.

Food of the week – Gnocchi with rocket (arugula) pesto and artichoke hearts. One of my favourite dishes of all time. Stay tuned for a recipe on the blog at some point this month.

Quote of the week – “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible’ by Walt Disney. It’s a lovely quote, a very hopeful one. And as most hopeful things, it’s also false. Semantically speaking if you achieved something, then this something is no longer impossible. I find the whole concept of things being possible, even very hard things, ever so encouraging, especially on a Monday!

Have a great week.

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