A good morning starts the evening before – 7 things I do at night for a better start to the day

There are good mornings and bad mornings. I like mine to be good mainly because as my boyfriend puts it, I am an early raiser but I am not a morning person. And when not-a-morning-person like me gets out of bed at 6.25am daily, sh*t better run like a clockwork. Things don’t just fall into place on their own at that time of the day, so here are the things I do the night before to make the morning routine easy.

1. Decide what to wear and get the outfit hung up on the back of bathroom door

The first thing I do every morning is to get ready in the bathroom. My boyfriend doesn’t need to get up until 7am and there is no need for me to wake him by stumbling around the bedroom trying to find my clothes. Preparing my outfit and placing it where I am going to be getting ready at makes the act of stumbling out of bed and into the day a little less frictional.  Plus, it’s one decision less in the morning if my outfit is already ready and waiting.

2. Pack my lunch

I am that one annoying person at your office who always has an amazing lunch brought from home and who doesn’t care that you’re hungry because work is now werk and the whole team spend the lunchbreak in a pitch standup instead of being out hunting for food. Sorry not sorry.

With that, there is no time nor desire in me to be prepping lunches in the morning, so my lunch is usually readied after dinner immediately before I start cleaning the kitchen.

3. Clean the kitchen and run the dishwasher

There is nothing more annoying than getting up to a dirty house. Ok, there are plenty things worse than that but I do like my house just so and in the mornings I want my kitchen utensils clean and ready to go. I usually make stove-top porridge or other cooked breakfast every morning and while that happens, I unload the dishwasher, feed the cats and make a cup of tea. If my kitchen was a mess at 6.47am (the exact time I make it out of the bathroom dressed and made up), I’d struggle to get the breakfast done, cats fed and tea and coffee brewed. Why? I have just ONE porridge pot and just one favourite cup. Welcome to the minimalism curse.

4. Pack my work bag

There is very little in my work bag, and also a lot. Just to avoid carrying around forgotten tupperwares, random pieces of fruit and millions of receipts, I clean out my work bag (backpack actually, right now wearing this one a lot) and re-pack it with the exception of foods. If I am going to the gym, for a swim or just to work the next day, my bag is ready to go with me. The added benefit of doing this in the evening is that I have a better grip of what I need for a day out of the house than I might while being half-conscious in the morning. Since switching to packing my work bag in the evening I saved a good chunk of change on all those little things I otherwise tend to forget like tissues, blister patches and… lemons

5. Shower or bathe

If you think I am going to blow-dry my hair first thing in the morning, you do not know me. I can barely be trusted with a spoon at 7am, let alone with a hot styling tool. So – I shower somewhere midway through my evening and wake up without a need to shower again.

6. Read a book or journal

This one might be surprising, so let me explain. In order for my day to start well, I like to be rested. In order to be rested, I need to sleep well. In order to sleep well, I need to go to bed relaxed. And to be relaxed… I either read for 10-20 minutes, usually light fiction, or write. The writing varies for me from gratitude journaling, writing down my thoughts and plans to just brain-dumping ideas on paper. Both reading and writing have the same effect on me – my head empties of my own thoughts and worries and becomes filled with things of no importance and white space.

7. Set my devices to charge

I have two mobile phones, a kindle and wireless headphones in daily use. They all get charged at night because I use them throughout my morning commute and I’d rather not scramble for an outlet because my work phone has suddenly ‘died’ halfway through an inconveniently timed conference call. If you ever wonder where I charge these, they’re all in the living room with the exception of my personal mobile phone with acts as my alarm clock and auto-sets to ‘do not disturb’ mode at 10pm.

After all of the above I go around the house saying goodnight to my cats, boyfriend, and what/whoever else alive seems to be knocking about. Because the only way for me to get up at 6.25am consistently and not start plotting a demise of this universe is going to bed consistently by 11.30pm.

How do you get ready for the day ahead?

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