Budget Recap: March 2019

My March payday was yesterday. This can only mean one thing: I’M RICH!!!!!!

If only. Yesterday’s payday simply means that today is a budget reconciliation day, one of my least favourite tasks at the end of every month, mainly because I am a bit of a free spirit. But hey, what has to be done has to be done. Here is how the month of March went:

I made less money after tax in March than usual, and the figure will drop further – this is because my pre-tax contributions to pension have been going up fairly steadily. I have not had much time to work any side income.

With the lack of time I haven’t spend any time away either, resulting in a surprising £0 travel spend.

There was only one surprise bill this month – one of my two cats had sore throat for no good reason and his ambiguous symptoms cost almost £85 to sort out. He seems perfectly fine now, sleeping in my chair as I write this and in effect seconding me to type on the sofa.

Aside from the cat bill, I overspent on gifts/sales by £20 on something for my dad. I’ll visit my family next month and it will be a lot of birthdays, so I started shopping for gifts early.

I came in way under on going out – as said this month has been very busy with my normal job and I simply didn’t have time to do much other than work. On the other hand I’ve overspent on groceries a little and this INCLUDES my Brexit panic shop. I am a little surprised at this figure, I’d have been £55 below the budget if it wasn’t for the additional spend.

Finally I’ve also overspent in my clothes/beauty/personal category by £33. I ended up buying a beautiful Coach crossbody (Sadie in Jasper & light gold) from somebody reselling a brand new one as an unwanted gift for half the retail price. I’ve been eyeing it up for months now and finally decided to spend.

Overall, I came in £33.32 under budget, which means I put £1721.73 (49.63% of my take home) towards non-pension savings and investments. I’m bouncing off the walls nor tearing my hair over it – it’s the very first month in a while without mad expenses!


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