Happy Monday (25th March 2019)

Happy (very early morning) Monday! March is almost over, the warm days are now on the horizon. Honestly, it went so fast I am having trouble reconciling what I did this month. To document some of the better things in the last week, here is a handy list of what has been going on in my little life:

What I am reading – “Reading with the Right Brain: Read Faster by Reading Ideas Instead of Just Words” by David Butler. So far, as a skepticist of extreme reading speed methods I am pleasantly surprised. This book does not offer any gimmicky techniques, it simply teaches on increasing comprehension first and foremost. Stay tuned, it might make it to the book of the month if I finish it before the end of March (I might not).

Best product discovered recently – The boyfriend got me a Foreo Mini 2 in Pearl Pink as a gift. It was my top choice of a gift during Christmas but it didn’t happen then – instead he just gave it to me out of blue a week or so ago. And wow – has it been a lovely gift. It had an immediate, positive, impact on the texture of my skin and despite only having used it for a week, I’m loving loving loving it.

What has been on my mind – Brexit you guys, and whether Theresa May will manage to hold on to her post at the cost of the economy and her own party. She’s not doing the best of jobs with this mess of a Brexit deal, but with Jeremy Corbyn out of his depth as an opposition leader and Boris Johnson acting out as a yipping moron, it’s only to be expected that UK as a country would be in trouble.

Food of the week – Sriracha mayo. You need mayo and Sriracha. Why did I not know about this before? Put it on everything and enjoy without caution.

Quote of the week – “Reading bedtime stories helped me survive prison.” by Lewis Hardy. A man managed to re-prioritise his life and turn it around thanks to reading to his kids from prison. We all know that we’d do a lot for them but now there is an incentive to do it for us too – apparently it makes you think about your life. If that’s not a motivation enough to read to your kids, what is? I read to my cats in absence of kids, just saying.

And the most important thing for my mental state – it is still daytime when I leave work!

Have a great week.


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