I had a no-spend month and didn’t even notice

So it happened – I had a whole no-spend month and didn’t even realise it was happening. Is this what I have become?

Ok, it’s not a bad thing that I have no spend months or weeks or days without noticing. Or I hope it’s not a bad thing. So what happens in person’s life to suddenly stop spending? Here is what has been happening with me over the last month and how it came about that a no-spend time, dreaded by most people actually didn’t even cause a furrowed brow to me.

I got busy

And I mean really busy. On top of my full time job and the time outside of the office thinking about work (yes, I care about what I do deeply), I have been producing 2 videos and 2 to 3 blog posts per week. Additionally, I have been cat sitting for neighbours, keeping up family engagements, attending planned social events, doing few minutes of yoga daily, reading daily and catching up on seasons 7 & 8 of Suits. And that’s how my February went.

By the way, have you noticed just how angry season 7 of Suits is? I liked the previous seasons more, it’s almost as if the writers forgot to have fun in that show…

I realised I have everything that I need

I have everything that I need. I might not have everything that I want, but that’s a different category of goods.

Have I got food? Yes. Have I got clothes? Yes. Have I got toothpaste and some soap? Yes.

Have I got a yacht? No. And that’s fine.

I focused on the important bits

Investing time into my own growth, the relationship with my partner and into time with our families. Keeping up friendships by simply picking up the phone. Being the best self I can be in a given situation.

Honestly, trying hard takes a lot of mental space and energy and I started to find myself so focused on ‘here’ and ‘now’ that I literally forgot that shopping was a thing. If I spent any money, it was on books which I see as a guilt-free purchase.

Have I really spent nothing?

No, I live in the western world, everything costs something. But honestly, I’ve spent nothing on frivolous things. Instead of treating myself on a whim with material goods I treated myself with what actually helps my life: a walk in the sun, a chat with a friend, a joke shared with my loved ones. Yes, it sounds cliche. But honestly, I don’t care. If keeping unnecessary spending means I am a living cliche, aligned with the world and sane, I’ll just be a living cliche, ok?

If you are struggling with no-spend challenges, try this – stop thinking about money and start thinking about your own happiness. Change the focus from what you don’t have to what you already have and ta-dah, suddenly new shiny things are no longer important.

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