Happy Monday (4th of March)

I have been inspired over the weekend to start sharing the things which I am enjoying in life a little faster. Forget the monthly favourites, years best and all that. Sometimes to catch the good things in the moment, it’s worth talking about them while you are doing them.

Not saying that I ripped the idea for this blogpost from Tim Ferris’s 5-bulled Friday newsletter, but hey, if you find similarities, that’s good for you, alright? Be prepared for this particular post to be slightly saltier than my usual posts.

Also, it’s Monday and nobody ‘normal’ likes a Monday so hopefully this list will brighten your day up a little bit.

  1. What I am reading – “Pachinko” by Min Jin Lee. I seem to be ethnically confused since I associate myself more with Asian than with European culture despite being Caucasian. This is what will happen to your children if you let them watch too much anime in their formative years (legitimate warning). In short, I like books set in the Far East. This one is interesting – covering a chunk of time (1910 – 1989) and spanning over 4 generations of a family, the book is long and definitely not boring. So far my favourite quote is from a character called Kazu, teaching his young subordinate about the tax: the poor, the mediocre and the successful tax.


  1. Best product discovered recently – Sensodyne soft toothbrushes. My (Polish) dentist says that if you buy a toothbrush at a supermarket, you are throwing your money away. My partner’s (French) dentist also says that. I should have listened sooner, but pharma toothbrushes are expensive. I use an electric toothbrush at home and manual one on the go – the Sensodyne soft manual one has been a revelation. It also helped that my partner’s mother showed up with about 20 of them when she came to visit – when there is a good sale, she stocks up for everybody.


  1. What has been on my mind – I am utterly fascinated by Shamima Begum’s story. If you are unsure about who that is, google her and be prepared to grind your teeth. On one side I somewhat sympathise with her family – she was a kid when she got radicalised, she was (still is?) stupid and it’s not ok to just abandon her and her kid. But on the other side I am with Sajid Javid – why would any country’s home secretary let a Jihadi into the country if she is apparently not even sorry? The story is incredulous to the point of fascinating and I don’t know whether the girl is mentally damaged or plain stupid. It might end up with a book and a movie for all I can tell.


  1. Food of the week – Arepa & Co at Bethnal Green. It’s Venezuelan – inspired and frankly just delicious. Their yuca chips are not to be missed, I have a preference for their arepas but the cachapas are also kick-ass.


  1. Quote of the week – “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” George Orwell. And also likely by every other person who voted Brexit according to a big mouth 10-year-old over a dinner table on Sunday.


Have a great week!

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