All the frugal habits in one place!

I often hear a misconception that being frugal equates to being cheap. Did Extreme Cheapskates really tarnish the word ‘frugal’ that much? In today’s post, I am giving you ALL (or almost all) of the useful frugal habits I developed over the years and, just for a good measure, a couple of the cheap ones too. If I see money on the ground, I pick … Continue reading All the frugal habits in one place!

Budget Recap – January 2019

It finally happened. The longest month of the year is DONE. Why the longest? My January started on December 21st. And although I budget for the whole month and whole year, it just feels like a never-ending stick-to-the-budget battle. But – I survived, just about. Here is how my budget actually looked like line by line. Income: I made my usual salary, I got paid … Continue reading Budget Recap – January 2019