Budget recap: December 2018

Well, the month of a December was a bit of a fail. Not a terrible, unplanned fail, but still a fail.

The main things which pushed my budget over the line were:

  1. Travelcard. Instead of getting a monthly travelcard for the month of January, in the long run it was cheaper to get the annual one. The price raises on a yearly basis for London. The shortfall of just over £1800 came out of my savings.
  2. Christmas – although I had Christmas budgeted for, it was also my boyfriend’s birthday and I ended up feeling grateful and offering small gifts to some friends. The shortfall came out of my savings.
  3. Going out – we were not planning to go out for NYE but we did, resulting in a whooping £130 overspend.
  4. Groceries and household – although the overspend looks a lot, £80 of that is unaccounted cat food which got thrown into the food budget and not separated out. The actual overspend is closer to £20, all of it spent on French cheese. Not even kidding.
  5. Other – I paid for Invisalign imaging and order of first two months of aligners. This again came out of my savings.


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