What I am giving for Christmas – a truthful gift guide

A short while ago I wrote a blog post about not going bankrupt over Christmas spending. This post is a follow-up telling you exactly what I am gifting this year to my nearest and dearest.

I don’t budget for Christmas separately anymore, I just save less in December and that  gives me a very definite budget as I don’t like to reach out for savings that are already in the savings account. Not to make this blog post overly long, here are the things which will be gifted.

Gifts for the family

My parents – although we are not seeing my part of the family this Christmas AND we have a rule about not shipping gifts, I ordered a National Geographic subscription for them for 12 months. They like to read and they always loved National Geographic shows, so hopefully they’ll enjoy (134PLN total).

My brother and his family are not receiving gifts, only a card this year.

My partner’s parents – they have been invited to visit us in London with travel expenses paid by us as a gift. They will be coming over in March for a long weekend (total anticipated spend is £300 – £350).

My partner’s two sisters – they will receive somewhat similar gifts to one another – a set of Le Creuset espresso mugs (6 in a set, £65) for the younger sister, a cafetiere (£41.25) and two mugs (£13.45 each) for the older. His sisters are a little bit tricky to shop for so we try to give them similar, lovely gifts.

Extended family – no gifts. We might get some sweets and teas (total budget £30) just in case there are more family members showing up during Christmas at my partner’s parents.

Gifts for significant other

Because we will travel, I am not buying him a physical gift. Instead, I am paying for indoor skydiving session (£199.98 for two, 2 regular and one VR flight each) and a day out of the city. You can find these in multiple locations outside of London and people say that they’re great fun.

Gifts for friends and colleagues

I drew my line manager as a secret Santa gift recipient. Budget level: £5 or homemade. I am cheating and spent £6.79 on a magnetic dartboard. He can put in on the back of whoever gets on his nerves team member’s chair and throw.

Two friends will be watching my cats and as a gift they’ll receive a fancy bottle of Champagne. I also have  small stash of fancy chocolates and good quality wine to gift to friends and neighbours if the need arises. If those things break your budget, homemade cookies wrapped in a nice tissue will be just as lovely.

Gifts for myself

This is rare, I don’t usually treat myself for Christmas or any other time of the year, but this year has been challenging. So to cheer myself up I bought some fancy but not bank breaking PJs from a company called Lunaby – they’re based in Poland (where I was born) and have everything sewn there by local seamstresses (140PLZ per set). It’s very rare to find nice pyjamas or anything other in a non-offensive price that would be made in Europe, so I felt like mentioning those PJs here (not sponsored).

The second gift, something I have been quietly stashing money away for over the whole of this year is Invisalign treatment (£3,500 total after a lot of negotiating and visiting of various dentists). I wish I had the attitude and audacity to make my own (like this), but I don’t. I’ll talk about this more once my treatment actually starts.

Next post will be all about transferring pensions out of UK. Because, you know, Brexit and all that.

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