How to spend less on heating in the winter

Heating a home during winter season can be expensive. To the point of excruciating amounts – I say that based on an experience of moving from a modern, weather tight ‘EPC B’ flat into an old, drafty and uninsulated ‘EPC D’. If you are not from the United Kingdom the EPC, or energy performance certificate, is a measure of property’s energy efficiency, A being excellent, … Continue reading How to spend less on heating in the winter

Not going bankrupt over Christmas

It’s almost Christmas, the most expensive holiday of the year! I left home at the age of 19 and moved across the continent. This Christmas is the 13th Christmas which I am celebrating as a responsible (ish) adult, a daughter who lives far away, an aunt who loves to spoil her niece and nephew, a girlfriend of another family’s eldest son and an employee of … Continue reading Not going bankrupt over Christmas

Monthly Book Club: ‘The $100 Startup’

Mission Money author reads a lot. In this monthly series, usually coming out on the last weekend of the month, she will share one fiction or non-fiction book interesting enough to talk about. Monthly Book Club issue 1: ‘The $100 Startup / Fire Your Boss, Do What You Love And Work Better To Live More’ by Chris Guillebeau This book promises to be a ‘manual … Continue reading Monthly Book Club: ‘The $100 Startup’

The cost of owning cats

I’m a cat lady. I share my home with a cat-man and our two kittens. The kittens are adorable and spoilt and not cheap. In today’s post I will cover the financial aspect of owning a cat. First things first, obtaining a pet, whether you adopt, buy or rehome, is usually not at £0. If you are looking to adopt, majority of the shelters ask … Continue reading The cost of owning cats

The cringe-worthy cash envelopes

Before I explain what the cash envelopes system is all about, let me say that I don’t actually use cash. Nor envelopes. That little detail has not stopped me from applying the principles governing the cash envelopes method in how my own everyday spending is managed. If you are wondering why this rather obscure sounding approach to paying for stuff has been gaining momentum on … Continue reading The cringe-worthy cash envelopes

Is it possible to save HALF of your income?

A couple of blog posts ago I mentioned that just over 50% of the money I make goes into savings. I will now explain how I managed to engineer that on a moderate income. Saving 50% of your income sounds near enough impossible for most people I know, and I don’t blame them. Looking back at the last few years, I would probably think the … Continue reading Is it possible to save HALF of your income?