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  • Weekend mini-challenges to help you have a better life
    Let’s face it – doing ‘nothing’ over the weekend is tempting and will sometimes make you feel great, but most times it does exactly what’s written on the tin for you…nothing. Change that nothing into something this weekend.
  • Happy Monday (22nd February 2021)
    The good, the bad and the ugly of things which crossed MIssionMoney Blog author’s mind recently.
  • A bad banking system that almost cost me £39,000
    I have a story for you today that makes me laugh and rage at the same time. It’s about investment properties, bad banking and even worse estate agents. Let this story be a cautionary one for you, in case your financial institution is allowing you plenty of freedom in what you do online.
  • How I grew my net worth by £40k in 9 months, while making £34k.
    This is not clickbait. I actually did that and today I’ll explain the basics of how this came about.
  • Happy Monday (1st February 2021)
    It’s 2021. Good luck out there friends! Just kidding, it’s going to be a grand year. And as we go into it, here are some of the things which are making my world interesting today.
  • Toxic work habits which might be making you unhappy
    Some of us go to work because we love what we do, but let’s be honest, most of us go to work because we get money in exchange. And since we’re having to sell our time and skills, we might just as well do so without selling our happiness with them.

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