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  • Eating my way through Mykonos
    Don’t let the famous Mykonos prices put you off. You can have a good time on a budget. Here’s a list of restaurants that will not break the bank.
  • How to keep your boundaries and still be a crowd pleaser: the financial edition
    I’ve recently come to realise that some people are treated as piggy banks by their adult children, relatives, friends and even random acquaintances. And I truly think that we all deserve better.
  • I refreshed my summer wardrobe through Vinted – here’s what’s worth knowing about the platform
    While I love the idea of second-hand, I am not one to visit charity shops. I don’t know why – I always had a preference for buying directly from the person getting rid of the items. And while I have had a lot of experience with eBay through both buying and selling used items, it’s …
  • How to save money in London
    I am distinctly sarcastic IRL, and sometimes a little of that side of me seeps into my social media. Talking about saving in a high expense environment tends to bring that side of me out. And right now we’re heading in for a perfect storm in the UK, or at least in London. As the …
  • What you’re likely paying too much for and how to fix it
    Some things cost what they cost and there isn’t much you can do, unless you change your life drastically. But what if the changes were small and easy? What could you do with weirdly specific £1,057.50 extra in your pocket per year?
  • Finally home.
    I moved house. It was an adventure and in this article I am covering how much the adventure cost.

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